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We proudly donate 10% of all profits to our military heroes

Marine One Limousine The partnership between American Limo Naperville and Operation "Welcome You Home" created the pride of our fleet: Marine One Limousine. This vehicle is one of a kind customized version of the most luxurious car made in the United States: Lincoln Towncar Executive L series and is named after the Presidential Helicopter Aircraft. We invested thousands of dollars in this Interceptor prototype for the full set of police strobe lights and the military insignia with the very purpose of donating it to the Homecoming Motorcade Escorts of Operation "Welcome You Home". It's mission is to show our appreciation to the Soldiers and Marines returning from a tour of duty in the Middle East and to honor them with the same treatment The President of the United States enjoys on a daily basis. Needless to say, the ride with Marine One Limousine is absolutely free of charge.

As you can see in the photos above and the video footage below, we don't take the name American Limo for granted and we extend ourselves to do things beyond the call of duty for the moral right to mention our dear country in the official name of this company. You already understand our commitment to proudly support the troops, but the truth is that we couldn't do that without you - our customers. Thank you for being one of them and don't forget that each and every time you travel in one of our vehicles, you help us make a huge difference in somebody's life.

To request a Homecoming Mission for a family member or for a close friend, to become a supporter or to just join us for a Hero's Welcome Home, so you can see in person our Marine One Interceptor in the Motorcade Escort of the Warriors Watch Riders, local Police Squad Cars, Fire Department Engines and Operation "Welcome You Home" supporters, as well as to thank the soldier/marine and make his/her return back home more memorable and exciting, please check the website and follow the Mission Calendar for upcoming events at www.WelcomeYouHome.org

Just a simple hug and few words such as 'Thank You for protecting our freedom!' mean the world to them. We've seen it many times in the heartwarming tears they spare when greeted by supporters.

If you are interested in reading more about the History and Concept of American Limo Naperville, how it started and why it is commited to support the US Military feel free to click on the [Our Concept] button.

In the video below you will see Marine One Limousine in action as shown on ABC Chicago and Fox News.
The short movie compares the Homecoming Escorts of Operation "Welcome You Home" to the Motorcade of the US President.

we proudly support the following organizations with monetary and non-monetary donations

Giving Forward

for more video footage of Operation "Welcome You Home" Missions please see the links below

US Army Spc Jacob Krueger Homecoming

Four Soldiers return to Naperville after a tour of duty

Marine One Limousine as seen on Fox News